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Other Ceremonies

House Blessing
Invite ease and harmony into your home to support a loving and compassionate environment you and your family can thrive in. 
Upon opening sacred space in your home, a prayer song is done setting the tone for a spiritual invocation. Upon exiting, gratitude is given to the ancestors of the land in welcoming you in your home. Offerings of tobacco and cornmeal are left outside in conclusion. see below for fee

Small Farm or Homestead Blessing
Invite ease and harmony for your home, livestock, and land to support a loving and compassionate environment for all to thrive in. 
In addition to the House Blessing above, blessing prayers and offerings are done for the land, and as tolerated, anointing and blessings of the animals as well. see below for fee

House Clearing
Do you feel edgy, anxious, or uncomfortable in your home and don't know why? Does going to the office make you cringe? Maybe a certain room gives you the willys? 
Buildings can hold "ghost traces" of past experiences, or sometimes house a misguided spirit confused about where they should be. The negative effects of these intrusions change the energy flow around you interrupting your natural rhythm of peace and harmony. This in turn compromises your health and wellbeing, and even changes how others feel about entering the dwelling. see below for fee

House Clearing is a walking ceremony entering all areas of the structure to clear away ghost traces of the past, negative energies, and extract any unwelcome spirits.

This clearing results in a light feeling of ease and comfort in your domain. This ceremony may be expanded to include out buildings and the land. see below for fee

Ceremony for any occasion
Do you know someone who is completing an important stage in their life? …someone who’s having an anniversary? Getting engaged? Retiring?
A specialized ceremony to honor an individual or couple in the presence of family and friends is an integral part of helping them move forward on their life path—their Earth Walk. Such transitions in the course of our life are all worthy of acknowledgment. see below for fee

    Memorial Ceremony
    Have you lost a loved one?
    Memorial ceremonies for your human and animal relatives are a precious way to say goodbye while celebrating the life they lived with memorable tributes. The opportunity to share is contained in a ceremonial circle starting with the honoring of the sacred directions with a prayer song and smudging—followed by a special invocation, and ending with a special prayer releasing the loved one to move on in their final journey home. see below for fee


    To create any of the above ceremonies, a consultation by email or phone is done to start the process.

    Please click on one of the below icons for information on reserving a ceremony.